Muslims for Peace, Justice and Progress (MPJP) is a collaborative effort of American Muslim leadership to conceive, inspire, and launch a constructive international peace agenda.


American Muslims as citizen ambassadors for international mediation and peaceful conflict resolution


MPJP aims to consolidate a leadership from among the diverse community of Muslims in order to provide a legitimate, powerful voice of activism. MPJP seeks to promote constructive engagement and conflict resolution through citizen ambassadors and people-to-people relations at the national and international level.

American Muslims are citizens within the superpower of our time, and they are intensely and often adversely affected with many key areas of the Muslim world. A confrontational relationship between America and the Muslim world, however, is detrimental to the interest and welfare of both regions of the world. Muslims for Peace, Justice and Progress and its alliances are dedicated to help change this confrontational relationship through constructive engagements.

In alliance with the Muslims of other Western nations, American Muslims could help bring about major changes in the mindset and modus operandi of two polarized worlds, the Western world and the Muslim world. The dissension and barriers that exist today are due to prejudices, false indoctrinations, failed policies, and failed practices in both camps. These barriers can and should be dissolved by the forces of moderation and vision. American Muslims are at the best place in a critical time in history to forge a transnational movement of constructive engagements which could resolve conflicts and help transform vital areas of the world. This is the vision of this group of Muslims.

A better and a safer world needs fresh agents of diplomacy and dialogue to counter forces of extremism and confrontation. This age could potentially be a critical period of history when a paradigm shift leads to unprecedented global welfare, and the uplifting of countless people out of misery and hopelessness. This is the greater vision of MPJP and its alliances.


  1. To help achieve unity among diverse Muslim communities with differing theological and sectarian understandings and differing ethnic and cultural orientations. We hope that this unity will uplift the position of Muslims everywhere. By aggressively addressing the common issues of concern — detrimental Western mindsets and policies towards the Muslim world, prejudices, injustices, counterproductive affairs existing in the Muslim world, etc. — we desire to help create a movement of transformation.
  2. The essence of this movement relies on the establishment of a better world. We intend to utilize the spirit of Islam: justice towards all and malice towards none. The forces of injustice and inequality –  anywhere and everywhere – remain the most threatening factors towards stability and peace.
  3. To improve the relationship between the Muslim world and the West through constructive engagement and by creating an environment that promotes understanding, stability and progress.
  4. To participate in intensive political activism and civil engagements both in the West and in the Muslim world. We intend to work creatively with the due processes of governance and with the greater civil societies to raise an agenda of dialogue and diplomacy.


Our supporters are from the most diverse Muslim communities around the world, belonging to different theological backgrounds and having different opinions, orientations and ethnic backgrounds. As such, it is likely that there will be conflicting views among our supporters and prospective supporters. Accordingly, we, as an organization and affiliation, do not take responsibility for the viewpoints or actions of our supporters.

We are committed to help bring about unity in diversity on the basis of broad commonalities of interests and welfare. Therefore we are seeking unity on the broad political and social agenda that will help address common issues of concern, help achieve the empowerment of Muslims and help uplift their position everywhere. This, we believe, can be best achieved by working constructively with others and endeavoring to uphold the spirit of Islam: justice towards all and malice towards none.

We are committed not to reject anyone who acts with this spirit in mind. We rather encourage anyone and everyone to contribute to this great cause. It is the command of the Quran to stimulate others in good work and worthwhile causes in recognition of and in spite of their diversity [5:48]. It could amount to transgression if we reject and deprive others who want to serve by supporting our cause even though we may differ with them in their viewpoints. We would like to serve with the utmost humility. We recognize that Judgment belongs to God alone and our job here on this earth is to help increase the domain of good work and goodwill among humankind and not to work as a hindrance. We would like to work with the spirit of Islam manifested in the Quran, as God addresses all human beings as the children of Adam tying all people into a greater family of humanity.


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